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I've been a TA for intro CS at UW for the past two years, and I've seen what many students struggle with in the class. I also see what students complain about on r/udub. The most common complaint/warning about the 14X series is the harsh internal grading on style. I made this tool as a potentional way to alleviate that. None of the information presented in this application is a secret, but hopefully puts it into a format that can be more helpful to students than it is currently.

This is an educational Java linter that finds sytylistic issues in input Java code. This app is built around the style guidelines for UW CSE 14X (Intro CS1 & 2 at UW) with those students as the primary audience, but should be a helpful resource for any novice Java learners. Be aware if you are not a student in those classes, you should only use this tool to the extent that it's consistent with the guidelines of your organization.

a programmer confronting code in the wild